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About the Aboriginal Arts Office

The Aboriginal Arts Office is committed to ensuring that the Canada Council's services and programs best meet the needs of Canada's First...

Aboriginal Arts Office


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Aboriginal art on screen

The ImagineNATIVE Festival brings together renowned Aboriginal filmmakers and video artists and programmers, buyers and industry professionals, and presents remarkable works to the public. Artists, professionals and the public benefit from the Canada Council’s support for ImagiNATIVE…

Tetlit Gwichen

Artist Story

Tetlit Gwich’in

Elders from Tetlit Gwich’in led workshops on traditional art practices through a program for youth that was praised by its community.

News Release

Statement from Simon Brault to honour National Aboriginal Day

Indigenous artists have, and will continue to play a key role in helping us redefine that relationship.

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A Knowledge and Literature Review

Get an overview of oral and written knowledge on Aboriginal arts in Canada today. Read the report here!

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Past recipients

Here's a handy tool: a searchable database of past grant recipients and prize winners.

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How to apply

Your grant application plays a critical role in demonstrating the artistic merit of your project. This document responds to some...


Maps of Canada Showing Canada Council funding by Province and Territory

Statistical research and analysis regarding Canada Council funding programs, grant recipients and...