Strategic Plan 2-016-2021

Strategic Plan, 2016-2021

Shaping a new future

Follow the arts, and our Director and CEO, into to the halls of the Canada Council for an intimate look at our Strategic Plan 2016-21.

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External Consultation – Survey Results

Earlier this year we conducted an online consultation, in which we asked for your input to help shape our future. We are grateful to each of the 4,220 Canadians who responded to our request. This survey was conducted on behalf of the Canada Council for the Arts by Nielsen Consumer Insights.

The results are available here. [PDF, 1.6 MB]

Going digital: help guide our investment

We're looking to make relevant investments in digital, but first, we need to better understand how these technologies are impacting artists and audiences. That's why, in a few weeks, we’ll be asking for specific feedback about how we should adapt to digital innovations in the arts sector. Help us better support you.

Our commitments

The 2016-21 Strategic Plan is structured around four commitments. Each commitment includes specific actions for meeting our equity objectives and supporting next-generation artists and audiences. The commitments will largely be achieved through the six programs to be launched in 2017 as part of the New Funding Model.

  • Increase support to artists, collectives and organizations striving for artistic excellence and greater engagement in the arts by an increasingly diverse public.
  • Amplify the quality, scope and sharing of Canadian art through digital technology.
  • Renew the relationship between Indigenous artists, and Indigenous and non-Indigenous audiences, for a shared future.
  • Raise the international profile of Canadian art and artists.

In 2016-17, $33.4 million will be granted to artists and arts organizations through a unique one-year program called New Chapter. Starting in 2017-18, there will be a progressively increasing investment channeled primarily through our new funding model. By 2020-21, we will deliver a total of $310 million annually in grants and contributions.


Michelle Chawla

Still not sure how a Strategic Plan impacts you?
By Michelle Chawla, Director General of Strategy and Public Affairs

Why bother drafting a strategic plan in an era when everything is constantly changing? Because in order to understand where we’re going, we have to know where we are.

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