The Leadership for Change program provides funding to organizations for consultations with a specialist or expert in order to develop new management practices, explore alternative organizational structures or seize valuable opportunities that clearly address the objectives of the program. It supports projects that strengthen an organization, a sector or a community’s ability to adapt to their changing environment. The program encourages collaborative approaches.

Organizations are expected to share the knowledge gained through the project with their community or within their own organization.

The program has two components:

Component 1: Grants to collective or sectoral initiatives

Component 2: Grants to organizations

Deadline: September 10, 2014

Information / Program guidelines.

Read a blog post on the program: Council’s new program helps arts orgs to manage change.

At the Canada Council’s annual meeting with National Arts Service Organizations (NASOs) in Ottawa on October 20-21, participants discussed ways of collaborating to offer their member organizations the best available organizational development tools and services.