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Findings from Yes I Dance: A Survey of Who Dances in Canada

As part of the Canada Dance Mapping Study, we invited Canadian dancers, teachers and choreographers to participate in nation-wide online survey called Yes I Dance. The survey was designed to gain a better understanding of who dances in Canada, where they dance, and why. Of the 8,124...
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The Canada Dance Mapping Study: Towards an Understanding of the Breadth and Depth of Dance Activity in Canada

Presented at Mapping Culture: Communities, Sites and Stories international conference in Coimbra, Portugal (May 28-30, 2014) Authors: Claire McCaughey, Head of Research and Evaluation, Canada Council for the Arts Caroline Lussier, Head of Dance, Canada Council for the Arts This paper is about a...
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Dancing Across the Land: A Report on the Dance Mapping Inventory

One of the first research initiatives of the Canada Dance Mapping Study was an inventory of membership-based dance associations across the country. The primary goal of the inventory was to create an extensive list of contacts where we had few before. Since its completion we have used the...
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Canada Dance Mapping Study: Survey of Public Funders

The Survey of Public Funders is one of several research initiatives being undertaken as part of the broader Canada Dance Mapping Study. The purpose of the overall study is to build an evidence-based profile of the breadth and depth of dance activity in Canada. Within that context, the purpose of...
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Literature and Data Review of Dance Dissemination and Public Participation

The purpose of the Canada Dance Mapping Study is to provide a comprehensive profile of the breadth and depth of dance activity in Canada. It will have a wide reach, mapping Canadians who actively participate in dance within some sort of structure (dance class, company, festival, therapy, etc.)...
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Canada Dance Mapping Study: Literature Review

This report presents a view of dance in all its contexts -- politically, economically, ecologically, technologically, socially and artistically.The literature reviewed included a comprehensive bibliography of sources, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as international sources of...
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Canada Dance Mapping Study: Bibliography

As a resource for the dance mapping study we have compiled a list of existing literature on dance, the arts and culture. Download  the latest version of our bibliography.
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