Findings from Yes I Dance: A Survey of Who Dances in Canada

The Dance Wheel

Ekos Research Associates

Canada Council for the Arts

Dance Mapping, Artistic Disciplines and Sectors

July 2014

As part of the Canada Dance Mapping Study, we invited Canadian dancers, teachers and choreographers to participate in nation-wide online survey called Yes I Dance. The survey was designed to gain a better understanding of who dances in Canada, where they dance, and why.

Of the 8,124 respondents, 2,176 (27%) were dance professionals and 5,948 (73%) were leisure dance participants. Approximately 190 dance forms are represented in the survey! The 2 most common forms of dance are: contemporary or modern dance (34%), and ballroom or social dance (26%). In addition, 80% of survey respondents describe involvement in 2 to 4 forms of dance.

This report presents the findings from this landmark survey. You can also visit to discover over 100 dance forms, videos, statistics and stories on why people dance from the survey results. You can even add in your own quote or video! 

Summary [PDF, 579.7 KB]

Full Report [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Excerpt: Alberta Profile [PDF, 247.1 KB]

Excerpt: Atlantic Canada Profile [PDF, 246 KB]

Excerpt: British Columbia Profile [PDF, 245.9 KB]

Excerpt: Manitoba and Saskatchewan Profile [PDF, 248.7 KB]

Excerpt: Ontario Profile [PDF, 249.1 KB]

Excerpt: Quebec Profile [PDF, 247.1 KB]

Excerpt: Territories Profile [PDF, 239.6 KB]