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Behind the Lens: The Making of the Reva Stone video

Imagine the opportunity to create a short film about a key figure in the visual or media arts, with the support of a local production...


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  Music Virginia Parker Prize: Yolanda Bruno The Virginia Parker Prize ($25,000) recognizes an outstanding young classical musician (singer, instrumentalist or conductor) who has been a recipient of Canada Council grants. Violinist Yolanda Bruno has been praised for her "total control of her instrument, articulation and perfect intonation with infinite variety in the sound palette" (La Presse). She has performed across North America and Europe, was named one of...

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Carissa Klopoushak

A Week in the Life of a Classical Musician

Carissa Klopoushak is a current recipient of the Canada Council’s Musical Instrument Bank (MIB). In 2013 she competed for the opportunity to borrow the Instrument Bank’s 1869 Jean Baptiste Vuillaume violin (with Vuillaume model bow) for a period of 3 years. This summer...

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What are the key drivers of change and who are today’s leaders?

I believe we can still learn from each other’s experiences. And together, we can build momentum for change by doing our part to bring the arts to the table where the big issues of the day are being discussed.

Serge Bennathan (Michael Slobodian)

5 Questions: Serge Bennathan, dancer, choreographer, poet

Vancouver-based Serge Bennathan has been awarded the 2014 Canada Council Jacqueline Lemieux Prize. This annual award is given to the year’s most deserving applicant from the Grants to Dance Professionals Program and Grants to Aboriginal Dance...


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Through the Prizes Section, the Canada Council for the Arts awards numerous special prizes that celebrate excellence in individual artists...

Brett MacIntyre

Artist Story

Brett MacIntyre

Brett MacIntyre is the 2013 winner of the Prix de Rome in Architecture for Emerging Practitioners.