2015 Annual Public Meeting

Answering your questions

In advance and during the APM, we invited you to submit your questions. View our responses. Please visit the page as we'll continue updating it over the coming weeks.


What`s an APM and Why Hold One?

As a Crown Corporation, an Annual Public Meeting is a legal requirement for Council. But more than that, we see it as a great opportunity to share updates on our year's activities with Canadians. We want you to see and hear first-hand what our strategic priorities are, where we are headed and why.

The Values that Guide Our Work

Transparency, accountability and accessibility are values that guide our work. To that end, we're livestreaming and livetweeting this event and including a Q&A period so that Canadians have the opportunity to tune in, and ask questions or make comments. Tweet us and/or use #Council15 to get in touch. If we don't have a chance to respond during the meeting, rest assured we'll post something here in the coming days.