Travel Grants to Theatre Artists



Any time before departure date until 31 January 2017

Grant Amount

$500 - $2,500

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The Canada Council for the Arts is committed to equity and inclusion, and welcomes applications from diverse Aboriginal, cultural and regional communities, and from people with disabilities. 

Please refer to the complete Program Guidelines [PDF, 604.5 KB].

Program Description

The Travel Grants to Theatre Artists program assists with travel costs for professional Canadian theatre artists and arts professionals in response to invitations to:

  • accept prizes
  • attend Canadian or foreign professional productions of their work (including staged readings abroad)
  • participate as workshop leaders or guest speakers at conventions or conferences. 


Any time before departure date until 31 January 2017

The program will no longer be available through GO! after 30 November. You must send in your application by mail. Activities normally funded through this program will be eligible in the New Funding Model, starting 1 April, 2017. 

Applicants who wish to have the results before their departure should apply at least six weeks in advance.

The Canada Council for the Arts will not accept applications postmarked after the departure date, incomplete applications or those submitted by fax or email.

Grant Amount

You may apply for one of the following fixed amounts: $500, $750, $1,000, $1,500, $2,000 or $2,500, but the amounts of $2,000 and $2,500 are available only if you are travelling to or from northern Canada or to international destinations that are not in the United States or Europe. Grants contribute toward your travel costs, based on excursion fares.

These grants cannot be used for travel that occurs before the date that the application is submitted.


Note that meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee that you will receive a grant.

Eligible applicants

To apply to the Canada Council for the Arts, you must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status, as defined by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You do not need to be living in Canada when you apply.

You must also meet the Canada Council’s definition of a professional artist, which is an artist who:

  • has specialized training in the field (not necessarily in academic institutions
  • is recognized as such by his or her peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition)
  • is committed to devoting more time to artistic activity, if possible financially
  • has a history of public presentation.

Playwrights must have written at least one theatrical work that has been either produced or published professionally. Other theatre professionals (directors, actors, composers, designers and administrators, for example) must have at least two years of experience working with professional companies or on independent professional productions.

Composers must have written music for at least one professional theatre production.

Scriptwriters must have had at least one dramatic work produced professionally on radio, television or film.

Eligible activities

Applications may include more than one destination as long as they are part of one trip. Applicants travelling to eligible events in multiple destinations must explain the reason and the costs requested for each portion.

Within the activities eligible to receive support, the Theatre Section has established the following priorities. They are listed in descending priority order.

  • travel to receive a prize
  • travel to the professional production (either nationally or internationally) of the artist’s work, including staged readings abroad
  • travel for the purpose of leading workshops or panel discussions, or giving keynote addresses at national or international theatre conferences, conventions or festivals
  • travel for the purpose of leading workshops or panel discussions, or giving keynote addresses at national and international conferences that are non-theatre in nature, and
  • travel for theatre critics, professors and other theatre professionals who are full-time employees of a training institution and have access to travel budgets. Should funding not be available through those sources, they are eligible for travel support only to lead workshops or panel discussions or give keynote addresses at national and international theatre conferences, conventions or festivals.                                       

Applicants should note that repeat appearances at the same event from year to year will be given lower priority.

Ineligible activities

The following activities are not eligible:

  • travel to participate in annual general meetings of Canadian arts service organizations and associations
  • travel by individuals who are executive or board members of national or international organizations to lead panel discussions and workshops or give keynote addresses at national or international conferences or conventions convened by these organizations.

Further Information

Program Officers
Theatre Section

1-800-263-5588 (toll-free) or 613-566-4414, and the extension

Keith Barkerext. 5488
Nancy Guertin, ext. 5484
Craig Holzschuhext. 6007

TTY: 1-866-585-5559