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15 October, 2016
1 December, 2016
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NOTE: The maximum amount for Component IV - Touring Outside of Canada has increased from $75,000 to $100,000.

The Canada Council for the Arts is committed to equity and inclusion, and welcomes applications from diverse Aboriginal, cultural and regional communities, and from people with disabilities.

Please refer to the complete Program Guidelines [PDF, 314.5 KB].

Program Description

The Theatre International Program provides financial assistance to projects that reinforce artistic collaborations and exchange between Canadian and foreign professional theatre companies and enhance the visibility and profile for Canadian companies abroad.

There are five components to this program: Development of Artistic Collaborations, Translation, International Co-production, Touring Outside of Canada and Touring Foreign Productions in Canada.

Component I - Development of Artistic Collaborations

This component provides travel assistance to explore the possibility of developing artistic exchanges, collaborations and co-productions with foreign companies. Priority is given to collaborations on new works.

Component II - Translation

This component provides assistance to professional Canadian and foreign theatre organizations for the translation of Canadian plays for professional production in Canada or abroad.

The work to be translated must be a Canadian play. Generally, the play must have already been professionally staged in Canada by a professional theatre organization. Translation for production in Canada can be into French, English or an Aboriginal language and the translated work must be intended for a full production or a public reading. Translation for production outside Canada can be into any language for full production abroad. In cases where an organization has proven its ability to develop production opportunities, grants will be available exceptionally for the translation of works for public readings or public workshops abroad.

Component III - International Co-production

This component provides project assistance for Canadian professional theatre companies to co-produce new works or existing works, in collaboration with foreign theatre organizations. Priority is given to co-productions of new work.

Component IV - Touring Outside of Canada

This component provides assistance to Canadian professional theatre companies that wish to tour their productions outside of Canada.

Component V - Touring Foreign Productions in Canada

This component provides assistance to Canadian theatre companies or presenters who wish to bring in the work of foreign companies to perform in Canada.


15 October, 2016: Components I and II

1 December, 2016: Components III, IV and V (for projects taking place after the following March)

If one of these deadline dates fall on a weekend or statutory holiday, the deadlines move to the next business day.

Grant Amount

Applicants may or my not be awarded the full amount requested.

Component I - Development of Artistic Collaborations: Grants provide a contribution based on travel and accommodation expenses, to a maximum of $5,000. A company cannot receive more than one grant per fiscal year.

Component II - Translation: The amount of the grant is based on the word count of the original text. The Canada Council's contribution for translation/adaptation is $0.16 per word. Organizations may apply also for financial assistance to enable the translator (or the author) to travel to meet the author (or the translator) or production team to finalize the work. There is a set amount of $500 for travel in Canada and $1,000 for travel out of the country. The grant is paid to the organization producing the play or public reading.

Component III - International Co-production: Grants are available to a maximum of $50,000 for projects including presentation of the production by the Canadian and foreign co-producer.  Applications must include the costs of both the presentation of the project in Canada and in the foreign country. Grants are available to a maximum of $30,000 for projects that are presented by only one of the co-producers. Note: co-production grants cover a maximum of 50% of the proposed project expenses.

Component IV - Touring Outside of Canada: Grants are available up to a maximum of $100,000 per project. The grants provide a contribution toward direct touring costs. 

Component V - Touring Foreign Productions in Canada: Grants are available up to a maximum of $75,000 per project. The grants provide a contribution towards the Canadian portion of the travel and per diem costs of foreign artists involved in a foreign theatre production on tour in Canada only.


This program is open to professional Canadian non-profit theatre companies, organizations, collectives and ad hoc groups that have received funding through the Theatre Production Project Grants, Theatre Touring Grants, or the Operating Grants to Professional Theatre Organizations programs of the Canada Council.

Presenters can only submit applications to Component V - Touring Foreign Productions in Canada.

Further Information

Nancy Guertin or Sylvain Cornuau or Craig Holzschuh
Program Officers
Theatre Section

1-800-263-5588 (toll-free) or 613-566-4414, ext. 5484 or 4675 or 6007

TTY: 1-866-585-5559