New Art Bank Website Brings 17,000 Artworks to Canadians

New Art Bank Website Brings 17,000 Artworks to Canadians

Posted 19 November 2015 by Tammy Scott
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Today I am very proud to announce the relaunch of, a beautiful and easy-to-use new website that is now the largest and most exciting collection of Canadian art online. Every Canadian – and everyone around the world – can now explore the Canada Council Art Bank, a unique collection of over 17,000 art works purchased by the Canada Council over the past 40 years. As a visitor to our website you can search the collection, create your own gallery and even share your own personal gallery with your friends!

The Art Bank makes all of its artworks available for rent to both private and public organizations in Canada. This means that if you have an organizational space of any kind – if you work at a health clinic, a law office, a community centre, a school or a theatre – to name but a few examples, you can rent art from the Art Bank, including works by renowned Canadian artists like Norval Morrisseau, Michael Snow, Evergon, Janet Cardiff, Rita Letendre, Nadia Myre and Thaddeus Holownia, among thousands of others. I encourage you to explore the collection and to create a gallery of works you’d like to see on the walls of your workplace. Once you’ve done that simply contact one of our art consultants to find out more about renting art from the Art Bank.

Being surrounded by inspiring art at work is an extraordinary feeling that makes good days great and bad days better. As I often say, a room without art is like a life without love. That might sound corny but in my experience it’s true. Art adds colour, beauty, warmth, energy and ideas to a workspace, and sends signals to others about what matters to you and your organization.

The Canada Council is immensely proud of its Art Bank, and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you via our new website. We hope it will help many more Canadians discover the innovative and imaginative artists who have been working across the country, in every medium and style, for the past 50 years. The works of over 3,000 of them can be found here, in our collection. Which is now – more than ever before – your collection.

Over to you, Canada!


Tammy Scott

About the Author: Tammy Scott

Tammy Scott is the Director General, Communications and Public Engagement at the Canada Council for the Arts. She has a deep appreciation of the arts and culture and enjoys sharing with Canadians the valuable role that the arts play in our society.

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