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    Opening doors to Canadian art data

    By Canada Council Research Team
    Open Data - Données ouvertes

    It’s been almost a year since the Canada Council for the Arts released its first open data to the public on Stats and Stories and the response was enthusiastic and sometimes very thorough. Some users sent us graphics and charts that they created from the open data files. Others used the data to do some art research on specifics disciplines such as performing arts and translation. And, in a more simple way, some consulted the data to find out who in their communities received a grant...

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    From Interdisciplinarity to Nondisciplinarity

    By Danielle Boutet
    Tiphaine Girault, Hybridité (2013)

    In 1996, Monique Léger and Anne Valois, Canada Council staff who were responsible for performance at the time, asked me to write a report on interdisciplinarity. Soon afterwards Claude Schryer, who inherited the interdisciplinary arts portfolio, invited me to Ottawa. And so it was that I came to be part of the creation of the Inter-Arts Office. Indiscernable interdisciplinarity Despite our best efforts to define it, interdisciplinarity has always remained a fluid concept – “sh...

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    The opening ceremony: a well-kept secret… a chance to discover each other

    By Guillaume-Corbeil
    Guillaume Corbeil

    The Canada Council has amped up its social media presence over the past 2 years. Now, more and more of us are sharing news and comments via these networks. We pass along our culture, in both the real and the virtual worlds, by word of mouth – or by ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’ This year, the Council, in association with Canadian Heritage, is shining more light on young artists who are breaking onto the international scene via the Francophone Games. Read blogs from some the...

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    "Arts in a Digital World": Why You Should Care

    By Alexis Andrew

    As we shared with you on April 26th with the launch of our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, responding to the opportunities and challenges that the digital era presents to the arts sector in Canada is one of our four key priorities, and one we need your input on. We want to hear about how the arts sector in particular is adapting digital tools and technology: what is your current use and what is your vision for what you could accomplish in the future? How can we help you develop your capacity to amplif...

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    What is a Strategic Plan?

    By Michelle Chawla
    Strategic Plan 2016-2021 : Shaping a new future

    What’s the point of a strategic plan? In a world where information flows and changes so quickly, some of you may wonder about the use of a five-year Strategic Plan. We believe that in order to better understand where we’re going, we have to know where we stand. In the Canada Council’s new strategic plan, we’ve taken stock all while looking ahead to the future. We’re about to benefit from a historic reinvestment in the arts. We’ve thought about what we need to change. Now, here’s what we’r...

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    Connections, experience, love of the culture and our country: a powerful, unforgettable experience

    By Jon Drops Reid

    Being part of Team Canada Supernaturalz arrived in the Nice airport surrounded by people in red-and-white maple-leafed athletic gear. We often wear our own crew sweatshirts to events, but to see an airport full of geared-up Canadian competitors gathered at the baggage check was a memory I won’t soon forget. We didn’t just come as Supernaturalz to battle, we came as Team Canada, embarking on a mission to represent our nation in France. It was a unique and powerful feeling! The staff...

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