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    Stats and Stories: Making a Difference across the Country

    By Research and Evaluation Section
    Graphic of Council funding across Canada

    Each year the Canada Council funds artists and arts organizations across the country to the tune of over $150 million (153.6 million in 2013-14). Behind every grant and prize that we award, there are statistics and stories that together create a broader picture of the impact of the Council’s support and its progress in fulfilling its commitment to bring the arts to Canadians. The Council’s Research and Evaluation team gathers and interprets these stats and stories – and ...

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    Simon Brault's Remarks / National Arts Service Organizations' Annual Meeting

    By Simon Brault
    Simon Brault

    The original speech was delivered in English and in French. The full translations will be posted later this week, but the discussion can start now. Share your comments. Good morning everyone, bonjour à toutes et à tous, Introduction Ce matin, en arrivant, j’éprouvais une fois de plus le sentiment de familiarité qui m’habite depuis mon arrivée à la direction du Conseil, le 26 juin dernier. En effet, je connais bon nombre d’ent...

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    Notes from Contemporary Circus Arts Festival

    By Claude Schryer
    Networking session at Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto, September 28, 2014

    I’ve had the pleasure of leading the Canada Council's support of contemporary circus art since it was formally recognized as a distinct art form in 2009. There are now many forms and practices of contemporary circus arts in Canada, and the community of professional practitioners is growing rapidly. I was reminded of this fact at a networking session I recently attended during the Contemporary Circus Arts Festival in Toronto, on September 28. The session host, Brandy Leary, Artistic ...

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    The Question of Demand

    By Canada Council's Visual Arts section

    Part 2 in series of blog posts on the Visual Arts Section's consultations Thank you Toronto! Our first workshop is complete; it feels great to be finally on the road and starting these conversations in the community. We’ve set out to create an environment that is inspiring and rigorous, so far so good. One theme that emerged was the observation that demand for growth comes from increased public expectation for visual arts experiences and art education activities. This, along with increa...

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    It's Begun!

    By Canada Council's Visual Arts section
    From left to right: Jim Logan, Michel Gaboury, Melinda Mollinaux and Sylvie Gilbert from the Canada Council's Visual Arts Section

    Welcome to our Visual Arts Section's consultation page. We’re happy to announce that activities are underway and we’re keen to hear from you. The documents posted in the Resources section provide important information on why the Canada Council is reviewing its operating programs and, more specifically, what we wish to achieve in examining our programs of support to visual arts organizations. In short, the Canada Council wishes to revitalize its support to the arts. We can...

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    5 Questions: MacLarenArtCentre

    By Renee van der Avoird
    Duane Linklater's <i>Tautology</i>, at the MacLarenArtCentre

    There’s a new thunderbird in Barrie, Ontario – made possible through the Canada Council’s York Wilson Endowment Award. The 2014 recipient of the award, the MacLarenArtCentre, is using prize funds to acquire one of Duane Linklater’s powerful neon thunderbirds, from his Tautology series. The York Wilson Endowment Award is an annual prize (up to $30,000) for Canadian art museums and public art galleries to purchase original works by living, contemporary Canadian painters an...

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