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    Canada History Week 2015 – Art, Sport, and the Young Gretzky

    By Blog Editors
    Isaaci Etidloie, Snow Boarder, 2010, soapstone, 24 x 29 x 8 cm, collection of the Canada Council Art Bank

    There is a story about the young – the very young – Wayne Gretzky, who as a little boy would watch Hockey Night in Canada with a pencil in his hand, covering page after page with curlicues and swirls as he watched his heroes skate up and down the rink. One Saturday night his father Walter asked him what he was doing. The child turned to him and said “See Dad, I’m drawing where the puck goes, and the places where the lines cross is where the puck goes the most.” Eritrea, Canada, 200...

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    Meet our recent prize winners in the arts and social sciences

    By Prizes section
    innovation creativity #ccawards

    The Canada Council is delighted to announce award winners in the arts, social sciences and humanities. These prizes, created through endowments and partnerships, have a combined value of $300,000. With the Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize, we recognize lifetime achievements of artists and scholars whose work brings new insights and understanding to Canadians. The Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award winners are innovative, risk-taking artists representing a diverse range of arti...

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    Canadian Classical Music, eh?

    By Andrew J. Kwan
    Canada at Classical:NEXT, May 20-23, 2015

    Entering my 25th year as artist manager, when it comes to concerts, it's safe to say #BTDT - been there, done that. When you've been in it this long, there just aren't too many new surprises. As for conferences, the same can be said, you really do lose count after attending some 150+ of them. Except, this past May, for the first time, I was fortunate to attend a relatively new conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands that promotes and connects those involved in classical and new music. This confer...

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    Anticipating a Movement in the Art of Spoken Word

    By Saada Branker
    Caption: South North Griots Summit Team: Dwayne Morgan, Motion, Nth Dgri, Eddy DaOriginalone. Photo: Dwayne Morgan

    The South-North Griots Summit, held on May 28-31 at Toronto's Harbourfront Centre, received support from the Canada Council through the Equity Office (Cultivate Initiative), the Audience and Market Development Office and the Writing and Publishing Section. Spoken word artist Saada Branker shared her thoughts in anticipation of attending the event.   More than 20 years ago, youthful and thrilled by just about every experience, I lost in love. The pain of the heartbreak had me reflecti...

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    Operation Biennale: Tour of Duty

    By William Huffman
    The artist collective BGL (Jasmin Bilodeau, Sébastien Giguère and Nicolas Laverdière), with curator Marie Fraser.

    Editor's note: Last year, the Canada Council invested over $1.13 million to support biennales and visual artists researching and presenting works abroad. For the 2015 Venice Biennale, Council supported the presentation of work by BGL at the Canada Pavilion and Terra Nova Foundation (see descriptions below). The Council also supported the development of a performance by Maria Hupfield for the exhibition Ga ni tha. La Biennale di Venezia is the most prestig...

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    It's an excellent question!

    By Simon Brault, O.C., O.Q.

    After several months of diligent work, we recently announced the outline of our new 6-program funding model. Many of you have shared your comments and questions. We’ll be in a better position to answer some of these questions as we develop the new programs in the months ahead. But we can answer some of your queries right away. Where does artistic excellence fit into all of this? Artistic merit is – and will remain – a vital criterion for Council funding. All applicants must d...

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