Ensemble Masques

Ensemble Masques
Ensemble Masques, photo taken during a residency at Banff.

17th & 18th century eloquence revived in the 21st

Inspired by Elizabethan England, Montréal’s Ensemble Masques brings its audiences back to Bach, Telemann and Clérambault. Supported by the Canada Council’s Concert Production and Rehearsal program, the group performed a concert series in Montréal. Ensemble Masques has also played for audiences from San Diego to Vienna.

A concert series in Montréal

In Montréal, the ensemble offered its fans a three-concert series: Abendsmusik, with Czech soprano Hana Blazikova, featuring works by Biber, Buxtehude, Rosenmüller, Schmelzer and Bach - as part of the Montreal Bach Festival; Chaconnes, playing scores by Lully, Marais and Purcell, with dance troupe les Jardins Chorégraphiques and narrator Luc Gauthier; and Médée, featuring music by Clérambault, Telemann and Lupien.

Canada Council support

For the Montréal concert series, Masques received a Council grant through the Music – Concert Production and Rehearsal program. The Music Section continues to support concert production activities through the Production Grants in Music program.

Funding stats in Canada 

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February 2013