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Public engagement in the arts is a theme of the Canada Council’s 2011-16 Strategic Plan. On October 16, 2012, the Council released a discussion paper on the subject – an overview of current thinking and practices. The paper is meant to open new avenues of investigation, raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges and highlight possible areas of intervention by the Council.

Share your thoughts about innovative ideas on how Canadians can become actively involved in the arts, and how the arts can become more engaged with Canadians. Read the discussion paper. Read and comment on Council Vice-Chair Simon Brault’s blog or join the discussion on Facebook.

“Culture is the connective tissue that binds humanity together”

The Canada Council's strategic plan and corporate plan will guide the organization as it continues its work to further enrich and deepen the artistic and cultural experience of Canadians.

In brief, the plans:

Continue with the five directions outlined in the 2008-11 plans.
      1. Reinforce the Council's commitment to individual artists working alone or collaboratively, as the core of artistic practice in Canada.

      2. Broaden the Council's commitment to arts organizations to strengthen their capacity to underpin artistic practices in all parts of the country.

      3. Enhance the Council's leadership role in promoting equity as a critical priority in fulfilling Canada's artistic aspirations.

      4. Make partnerships with other organizations a key element to the Council's approach to advancing its mandate.

      5. Enhance the Council's capacity to support the arts and implement change by strengthening its structure, staffing and services.

    These five directions have an overlay of three themes:
        1. Facilitate greater synergy within the existing arts infrastructure to enhance sustainability and adaptability.

        2. Increase Council's focus on the impact of the transition to a digital society on the arts.

        3. Advance a public conversation on the value that art and artists make to everyday life 


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