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  2. The Arts in a Digital World Summit

March 15-17 2017

About the Summit

Drawing on the findings of the research, in March 2017 the Council hosted The Arts in a Digital World Summit. Participants engaged in cross-sectoral discussions which raised awareness of current technological realities while also furthering the collective capacity of the arts sector to meet the exciting possibilities of tomorrow.

The Summit was not about Digital Arts, which is recognized as an artistic discipline in the Council’s new funding model programs, nor was it about using digital technologies to make art. Rather, it was a discussion about the transition and transformation of the Canadian arts sector to thrive in the digital era. The Summit sparked a series of crucial conversations within the arts community on how to scale up its use of digital technologies to reach a wider public and be more sustainable in the long term.

How can Canada’s arts sector better respond to the shifts and disruptions provoked by digital technologies? How can we develop innovative approaches to renew and grow our relationships with citizens in a digitally empowered society? How can we transform our organizational and business models to leverage and optimize digital? These are just some of the questions the summit explored.

This cross-sectoral gathering featured fascinating, vital, and sometimes complex discussions. It also aimed to develop concrete and pragmatic approaches to foster digital thinking and tools to strengthen our practices as artists, cultural workers, leaders, mediators and citizens.

Digital Events

Recap of the Arts in a Digital World Summit

Last Spring, the Canada Council for the Arts invited the arts and culture community to Arsenal, a contemporary art gallery in Montreal, to participate in a national summit on the Arts in a Digital World.

Sylvie Gilbert, director of the Fund for the Arts in a Digital World, gives an overview of the Fund.
Digital Speeches

The Fund for the Arts in a Digital World

Sylvie Gilbert, director of the Fund for the Arts in a Digital World, gives an overview of the Fund.

Sylvie Gilbert
Simon Brault
Digital Speeches

A manifesto for the arts in the digital era

Canada Council CEO Simon Brault shares his manifesto for the Arts in a Digital World.

Simon Brault, O.C, O.Q.
Simon Brault, O.C, O.Q.
Art in a Digital World

The Canada Council for the Arts Survey: Arts in a Digital World

As we shared with you on April 26th with the launch of our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, responding to the opportunities and challenges that the digital era presents to the arts sector in Canada is one of our four key priorities, and one we need your input on.

The Digital Fund

We will amplify the quality, scale and sharing of art through digital technology, which is changing the way we relate to the arts and culture, and how we connect with each other and the world. Artists and arts organizations need to be able to thrive in this radically changing environment. Increased financial support will help them take advantage of technology to create new artistic visions and experiences, to reach new audiences and to transform their organizations and ways of working.