The Process - Negotiation to Contract

Once you have decided which artists interest you, you will go through the process of securing the engagement.  

As a presenter, you have expectations of the artist and the artist also has expectations of you. For more details, view the Presenter/Artist Expectations Chart [PDF, 31.7 KB].


The negotiation is a series of conversations between you and the artist or his or her representative. The purpose is to sort out all details surrounding the performance. Neither you nor the artist wants any last minute surprises. 

In your initial conversations with the artist or his/her manager, you will negotiate the fee, the performance date and, possibly, several other details such as transportation, accommodation, basic technical and publicity requirements. You will likely start off the contracting process with a Letter of Intent. View a sample letter of intent [PDF, 14.3 KB].

In the music business, the initial arrangements are often confirmed with an offer sheet detailing all the areas of direct expense associated with the presentation. View a sample offer sheet [PDF, 57.6 KB].

You will note the letter of agreement has an expiry date. If that date passes with no response to the offer, the presenter has no obligation to the artist.  

Once the letter of agreement is in place, you may have additional details to sort out before the actual contract is issued. 


The contract is the complete documentation of all the conversations you have had about the arrangements for the performance. The artist will issue a contract for you to sign. 

Sometimes, after receiving the contract there may be certain items in a contract that you have not discussed or that you feel are not accurately described in the contract. In this case, you may need to make some contract amendments to clarify these points.