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We're proud to be Canada’s public arts funder. We champion and invest in artistic excellence through our grants, services, prizes and payments to Canadian artists and arts organizations.

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Strengthening our support for the arts community 

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Jane Kidd, Land Sentence: Zoo, 2012, woven tapestry, 99 x 200 cm. Collection: Salt Spring Island Public Library. Photo: Janet Dwyer
Prize Winners Artist Stories

Saidye Bronfman Awards: A 40-year tradition, an impetus for innovation

The Saidye Bronfman Award celebrates the notable achievements of fine crafts artists while elevating the fine arts community in Canada.

Leopold Kowolik
Landon Mackenzie
Artist Stories Behind the Lens Prize Winners

Landon Mackenzie: We Don't Have a Picture Yet

Filmmaker Anthony Grieco goes into the studio of painter and GGArts winner Landon Mackenzie, where he discovers her conceptual landscapes are vehicles for exploration, and the studio a travelling vessel.

Anthony Grieco
Canada Council for the Arts Artist Stories Indigenous {Re}conciliation

Opening Doors to Reconciliation

In 2016, Six Nations Cayuga artist Samuel Thomas led 42 workshops in 8 communities across Ontario and Saskatchewan — bringing Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples together.

Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas
Opening Doors to Canadian Art Data
Digital Canada Council for the Arts

Opening Doors to Canadian Arts Data

It’s been almost a year since the Canada Council for the Arts released its first open data to the public and we've had an enthusiastic response from the community.

Our Impact in the Community: By the Numbers


Support to artists and arts organizations from Deaf and disability arts communities


Support to artists and arts organizations from Indigenous communities


Support to young audience arts organizations